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  • Share my social media links with friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family.​

  • Repost what I post and always tag my profile names.

  • Give me those thumbs up and share your thoughts in the comments sections.

  • Social Media provides free advertisement/marketing for the campaign! Please help spread the word so I can represent YOU!

  • If you have an event you would like me to come speak at in your community, please reach out!

  • Get Informed and Contact your local representatives to Oppose the following legislation:

    • SB871​

    • SB2539

    • SB866

    • SB1479

    • SB1464

    • SB1100

    • SB920

    • AB1993

    • AB1797

    • AB2098

  • You can contact me at any time, I am here for YOU! Please keep my family and I in your prayers.

  • Email me with your community concerns, comments, needs, and any prayer requests:

  • I look forward to hearing what the people of District 22 have to say!

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